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Who We Are

Nurturing Children.

Strengthening Families.

Building Community.

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Imprints Cares is a proud leader of educational and health equity in our community. As the only education nonprofit in Forsyth County serving families and children from prenatal stages into middle school, we are committed to addressing structural barriers that prevent children and their families from reaching their full potential. We do this by embracing cultural diversity and continuously seeking to create safe and inclusive environments where children can learn, grow, and thrive. 


To nurture children for lifelong success.


To unlock the full potential of children and their families for success in school and in life.

Core Values

  • Children ALWAYS come first.

  • We focus on supporting the whole family.

  • We are good financial stewards.

  • We build strong and lasting partnerships.

  • We engage and empower local communities.

  • We have the courage to initiate change.

  • We hold ourselves accountable for achieving superior outcomes.

  • We engage people from a strength-based perspective.

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girl playing with bubbles in Imprints Cares Expanded Learning Summer Camp program

Making a Difference

Imprints Cares makes a difference by offering a comprehensive portfolio of evidence-based programs. Through partnerships across various sectors, Imprints Cares addresses the developing social, behavioral, and academic needs of children as well as studying the impact on families. We believe family and community engagement drive impact that is equitable, culturally responsive, and sustainable. 

Our History

photo taken during the early days of Imprints Cares
photo taken during the early days of Imprints Cares

In the late 1960s, members of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, along with congregants at seven other churches, were disheartened by the obstacles faced by children from low-income families as they entered school. After meeting with community representatives and child development experts, this group founded the Association to Benefit Children's Development (ABCD) with the goal of empowering parents with the skills needed to raise children who are ready for school.

What started as a babysitting service for women became a full-time daycare center for children throughout the city, with Helen Clinard as one of the early directors. Helen and her husband, Woody, were dedicated to leveling the playing field for at-risk children in our community.

Helen Clinard’s contributions to Imprints Cares are still recognized today in our facilities, and Woody Clinard continues to honor her memory with his support of Imprints Cares.

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Professional Development & Certifications

At Imprints Cares, we are very intentional that all of our programs be evidence-based or grounded in research. To achieve and maintain this status we take a strong position on professional development and certifications for our staff and the tools they use.

A teacher and student from the Imprints Cares Expanded Learning Before & After School Care program

Staff Member Certifications

  • Parents as Teachers Foundational Training

  • Parents as Teachers Foundational 2

  • Parents as Teachers Supporting Care Providers through Personal Home Visits

  • Reflective Supervision

  • Triple P Level 3

  • Triple P Level 4

  • Circle of Security

  • Certified Spanish Translator

  • Trauma Resilient Communities: Train the Trainer

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Breast Feeding Counselor

  • Human Subjects Research

Levitating Books
A family educator with 2 girls from an Imprints Cares Ready for School program
  • Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ-3/ASQ-SE) 

  • Parent Health Questionnaire - 9

  • The Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS, training/observation) 

  • Heggerty Curriculum

  • SEL-Second Steps OST

  • Bracken School Readiness Assessment

  • Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale (KIPS)

Screening Tools & Curriculum

Financials & Policies

To best serve our community, Imprints Cares is committed to financial transparency and accountability. Our administrative costs are completely covered by revenue received from our Expanded Learning program, which allows 100% of contributions to go towards supporting our programs in the community.

group picture of Imprints Cares staff

Our Team

The Imprints Cares leadership team is passionate about serving community families and providing opportunities to help children succeed in life. 


Stay Connected

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a mother and her child participating the Imprints Cares Parents as Teachers program

How YOU can help

With you as our partner, we can continue to offer enrichment activities to our summer campers with special needs, in-home visits to help parents prepare their children for school success, and scholarships to ensure that children have access to quality after-school programming with certified teachers. Together, we can close the opportunity gap and ensure that children realize their full potential.

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