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Our Impact

Imprints Cares makes a difference by offering a comprehensive portfolio of evidence-based programs. Through partnerships across various sectors, Imprints Cares addresses the developing social, behavioral, and academic needs of children and evaluates the programmatic impact on families. We believe family and community engagement drive impact that is equitable, culturally responsive, and sustainable. 



Imprints Cares is actively engaged in research throughout and beyond our community, with the goal of expanding and improving our evidence-based programs for families. Here are two ongoing efforts.

Young Moms Study

This collaborative study team involves representatives from Imprints Cares, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist (AHWFB), and Wake Forest School of Medicine. The Young Moms Program (YMP) will provide health-to-home services for young moms (ages 14-21) giving birth at the AHWFB Birth Center. The YMP is part of the evidence-based Pediatric Parenting Connection (PPC) program at Imprints Cares. The study aims to:

  1. Provide high-risk young moms with at least six months of post-natal health and parenting support;

  2. Enhance knowledge of child development among high-risk young moms;

  3. Increase high-risk young moms’ usage of preventive health and parenting behaviors and decrease their usage of reactive and negative behaviors;

  4. Ensure newborns have safe and nurturing environments with caregivers that are responsive to their needs; and

  5. Improve coordination and service delivery within the health system and across systems.

Brenner FIT Food Security Study

Imprints Cares Ready for School Family, Friends, and Neighbors (FFN) program, in partnership with Atrium Health’s Brenner FIT, conducted a food security study to assess the nutritional environment in the homes of informal care providers. FFN-enrolled care providers were interviewed and offered resources and education to improve nutritional offerings. The study concluded that food insecurity was not as prevalent as predicted in both caregivers’ and parents’ homes. Both caregivers and parents had concerns about children undereating and desired more education on healthy meals.

Ashley Academy

The Ashley Pilot was a partnership with the United Way Foundation and Imprints Cares. This program offered tuition-free after-school programming and summer enrichment camp to students at Ashley Elementary School. The program had a strong focus on reading, literacy, and family engagement. Students who attended both the 2021–2022 school year and summer 2022 programs were considered “full program.”

Attendance proved to be a contributing factor to statistically significant positive results in i-Ready Reading and Math proficiency when compared to the peer group from WS/FCS.


  • Students who attended ≥80% of the full program, on average, grew a statistically significant amount (+33 points) from the middle of the 2021–2022 year to the end of the 2021–2022 year.

  • Students who attended ≥80% of the full program had significantly higher scores at the end of the 2021–2022 year and at the beginning of the 2022–2023 year than students who only attended in the summer.

  • Students who attended ≥80% in the summer had a smaller loss in growth than students who attended <80% in the summer.

A young mother with a child
Brenner FIT logo

Advocacy Work

Imprints Cares advocates for children and families by providing a full spectrum of evidence-based and research-backed programming. But our advocacy efforts extend well beyond our programming. 

  • We advance education campaigns to ensure our community is well-informed.

  • We develop strategic partnerships and coalitions, collaborating with members of the community and other constituents dedicated to the promotion of positive early childhood development.

  • We influence local, regional, and national policies and programs that support early childhood development.

  • Imprints Cares staff participate in thought leadership discussions within and beyond the community we serve, learning from and sharing best practices that support families and children. One example is our Executive Director’s participation as a subject matter expert in the state-level webinar discussion, Creating an Equitable & Inclusive System for Home-Based Child Care: A conversation on policy opportunities in North Carolina.


Imprints Cares staff have been part of many publications as part of our advocacy efforts. Below are a few recent examples.

Skelton JA, Daniel SS, Tapp H, Moore KR, Mann-Jackson L, Alonzo J, Randall I, Isler V, Barrett C, Badger D, Lees E, and Rhodes SD. Developing and sustaining a community advisory committee to support, inform, and translate biomedical research. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science 7: e20, 1–7. 
Developing and sustaining a community advisory committee to support, inform, and translate biomedical research

Linton, JM; Stockton, M; Andrade, M; Daniel, S.

Integrating Parenting Support Within and Beyond the Pediatric Medical Home

Global Pediatric Health, Volume 5:1-7; 2018

Parenting Support Beyond the Pediatric Medical Home


Ellis, M; Ross, E; Stockton, M; Andrade, B; Linton, JM

Helping Kids Raising Kids: Teen Parent Workshops in the Community

Poster:  Kids Raising Kids Poster Presentation


Linton, JM; Miller-Fitzwater, A; Johnson, S; Trejo, G; Beck, K; Albertini, L; Worsley, C; Tranberg, H; Stockton, M; Stephens, T; Plax, K.

Strengthening Support of Pregnant and Parenting Teenagers: A novel community-based approach to identify themes using a modified World Café.

Pediatric Academic Society Poster Presentation: PAS. Parenting Teenagers.


Forsyth Family, December 2022

Claudia Munguia-Barrett

Our Mission. Our Future


Winston-Salem Journal, 2021

Claudia Munguia-Barrett

Investing Together for Our Next Generation


Expanded Learning Business Spotlight, 2020

Chelsea Payne

Summer Camp


Winston-Salem Journal, Fran Daniel

June 2020

When parents are essential workers, what about their other critical role? This is how child care looks during a pandemic.

Child care during the Pandemic

Book Babies Randomized Control Study from 2021



Trauma Resilient Communities

Led by Crossnore, the Center for Trauma Resilient Communities (TRC) is a collaborative project with the goal of developing a community-engaged strategic plan that reduces the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and creates a more trauma-resilient Winston-Salem through community participation and community-engaged research. Imprints Cares is actively engaged in this partnership by serving on the TRC Advisory Council and the TRC Research Steering Committee. Two Imprints Cares staff have completed a comprehensive TRC train-the-trainer course and will work collaboratively to promote and embed the science of trauma-informed practice throughout our community.

Crossnore logo

Wheels 4 Hope

Wheels 4 Hope is a non-profit, faith-based organization that provides affordable and reliable transportation to people who are working toward self-sufficiency. As a partner agency, Imprints Cares refers eligible families.  


Forsyth Futures Data Sharing Project

Forsyth Futures Data Sharing Project works with the WS/FCS data team to track academics, attendance, discipline, and other metrics. During enrollment with Imprints Cares, parents consent to allow their children's academic progress to be shared, beginning at 4 years old. This allows us to follow students longitudinally and validate the impact of our programs.

Boston Thurmond Community Network 

Over the next five years, Imprints Cares and the Boston Thurmond Community Network will work to immerse our programming in the Boston Thurmond neighborhood utilizing the Purpose Driven Communities approach. Focusing on our Book Babies program, we will leverage community assets to work collectively with key community stakeholders to impact education and health equity. 

Boston-Thurmond United logo

Professional Affiliations

  • AfterSchool Alliance

  • Equity Forsyth 

  • Forsyth Adolescent Health Coalition 

  • Forsyth County Infant Mortality Reduction Coalition 

  • Forsyth County LICC (Local Interagency Coordinating Council)

  • Forsyth County Mental Health Community Collaborative 

  • Forsyth County Pre-K Priority 

  • Healthy Beginnings Advisory Board 

  • National AfterSchool Association 

  • NC Association of CPAs

  • NC Parents as Teachers Advisory Committee 

  • REACH Women’s Network

  • Refugee Advisory Coalition

  • Society of Human Resource Managers 

  • Stratford Road and Reynolda Road Rotary of Forsyth County

  • Trauma Resilient Communities 

  • United Way of Forsyth County Women United Steering Committee

  • WS/FC Schools

Provider educators from the Imprints Cares FFN program
rainbow background med2-01.jpg
a family educator and child from the Imprints Cares PAT program

How YOU can help

With you as our partner, we can continue to offer enrichment activities to our summer campers with special needs, in-home visits to help parents prepare their children for school success, and scholarships to ensure that children have access to quality after-school programming with certified teachers. Together, we can close the opportunity gap and ensure that children realize their full potential.

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