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Expanded Learning

Imprints Cares Inclusion Program

including children with exceptional needs

In the Imprints Cares Inclusion Program, children with exceptional needs learn alongside typically-developing children. In this supportive environment, children learn and thrive together, champion each other’s differences, and embrace uniqueness. When learned early, these values can equip children to positively impact their community.

a boy playing in Imprints Cares Expanded Learning Inclusion program
Before & After School Care

Monday – Friday
Mornings starting 6:30 am
Afternoons until 6:00 pm

2 boys in Imprints Cares Expanded Learning Inclusion program

How to Register for IC Inclusion Program

The Imprints Cares Inclusion Program offers before- and after-school care for typically developing children and for children with exceptional needs. Our highly qualified educators provide care that meets the needs of community families and helps children learn, thrive, and embrace differences together.

Students are considered new if they have never attended the Inclusion Program or have not attended the Inclusion Program in the last two (2) years.

To start registration, call Janelle at 336-722-6296 x 1223

  • First, we'll ask you a few questions about your child.

  • For students with exceptional needs, we may schedule an interview between you and Ms. Betty (or other Inclusion Program staff) to determine eligibility and care needs.

  • Then, we'll determine site availability and transportation route availability if necessary for before- and after-school care.

  • If eligible, we will provide you with an Unlock Code so you can complete your child's registration online.

Don't have an Unlock Code? Call Jannelle to start the registration process outlined above. If you have your Unlock Code, click the "Register Here" button below to finish registering online.

AdobeStock_370632475 [Converted]-01.jpg
Joey spent much of his early life in foster care bouncing around from home to home. When he was 8 years old, Joey found a permanent home with his new mom, Mathilda. Needing help balancing her busy schedule, Mathilda reached out to Expanded Learning for before- and after-school care. As a child with autism, Joey required special care to help him thrive. Our ICD program met his needs with highly qualified teachers and staff. Today, Joey is 18. He is smart, articulate, and an amazing artist. We watched him grow into a young man with exceptional skills that are all his own.
–  ICD Staff


For more information about the Imprints Cares Inclusion Program, contact us.

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